About Singsanguan

Quality products … service with heart

We strive to improve the quality of product. Teamwork system to meet customer satisfaction including building relationship and planning with partner as well as management that emphasizes the sustainability of company.

Our vision

Over past 60 years, Singsanguan and Sons committed to create value products that meet the needs of customer with 3 win principles, including

  • win = Customer
  • win = Dealer
  • win = Company

And take care of customers after sales service with heart making the company’s reputation always accepted.

Our mission

The company has operated the steel trading business for a long time. After the situation of Tom Yum Kung. The manager sees that steels sale still growing every year without drop. The company therefore thought of producing steel welding machines with the concept of “steel growing … so the welding machine”.

We strive to develop without stop for the better. By continue to develop the product to meet the needs of customer. Being the first in Thailand to product economical inverter, safe, easy to use with Plug&Play and high quality due to full output current without interruption.

We are also the first to produce Welpro Connector that make welding work flow smooth, solving electric shock problem and we are the first to import welding machine into Modern Trade market, enabling and continuously increase the demand for customer.

Another product that users giving us the trust is high pressure washer product. Standard high pressure washer that suitable for all user from household level to large industrial scale. Considered a device that helps preserve the environment because it can clean, remove all stains from surface without chemical, use less force, save time and save cost. Therefore it has been very popular especially in the current economic.

Why choose us

Quality products that meet requirements.

Standard ISO 9100 Version 2015

Quality check 100% before delivery to customer

Call Center and after sale service

Dealers all over Thailand

Consultant team to solve product problem

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