sing sanguan & sons co. ltd

Mr. Sanguan Rattanakittrakool, the founder of Sing Sanguan co.,ltd. had started his business as Paints and Hardwares wholesaler in Bangkok China town since 1957. He was the first importer and distributor of Plastic putty paint for autobody repair in Thailand since 1968. He diversified his business to become main suppliers of many commodifies for International Non-profit Organization such as Unicef, World food programme during 1970-1975. Due to rapid expansion of business, he had decided to open oversea brach in Singapore. He had been first Thai significant exporter of steel pipes to USA since 1976.

In 1988 we had involved in a big project to change the liquor tanks from oak wood to be the stainless steel tank successfully. This was the project of total 12 plants of famous Maekong whisky brand in Thailand with total project value of Baht3 billion.

We won multiple tenders from Thai government for the project of setting up Emission Testing Labs For Vehicles to control the cars pollution. Total value of this project are Baht740 million.

We have had very good experience in steel businesses for many years and after Thailand financial crisis in 1997-1999 had prompted us to look for new business venture ie. Industrial equipment and products. The first product we were entering are Inverter Welding machines because we saw big potential demand for this products in Thailand market. We are very proud to successfully establish most trusted Inverter Welding machine among Professional Thai Welders under Welpro branded. We had invented many innovations such as new screwed type connector and high duty cycle power source to help Thai welders to realize much better and faster welding jobs at lowest cost. Another successful products we have been the market leader i.e. Zinsano high pressure washer. We are very proud To be the pioneer and leading player for this product in Thailand market. Our products range are satisfied All application demand from entry-level To industrial level and with our sincere efforts to bring reliable and safety products with very cost effective pricing to Thai end users enable us gaining biggest market share in Thailand and Myanmar markets.

Since 2000 till now We have been recognized as main player of distribution business of inverter welding machines, high pressure washers, vaccum cleaners, power tools and hand tools, air compressos, water pumpsand garden tools and etc

In 2017 we have successfully rebranding “Sing Sanguan” to be” Zinsano” and had added several Important new products line to sustain our core businesses.. This has been the main success Factor of our 30% increase in market share since 2017 till now.


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